The Danger in The Myriad of Sexual Assault Allegations Popping Up

Even an avalanche starts out small and builds up until it swarms over everything and anyone in its path. Eventually it will always play itself out, but the damage done during its onslaught is usually pretty extensive and can’t be repaired easily, if ever. Right now the continual wave of sexual harassment allegations is a great deal like an avalanche of bad press and accusations that are being hurled around Hollywood, they’re not going away anytime soon and they’re bound to hurt more than just those that are actually guilty. The bad part is that of those speaking up, and there are more it seems each day, the ones that have a true grievance and deserve the justice they desire, could possibly get buried beneath those that simply have an ax to grind.

Eventually there will be those that simply see the opportunity to get their name in the papers and perhaps score an easy paycheck from someone that simply wants the matter to go away. Those that were truly harmed by the ill behavior of their aggressors are those that will not care about the money and will simply seek justice, while those that are in it for the payday will gladly sue and seek reparations despite the fact that their lives have become far better now than they could have been. It’s hard to deny the allegations against those such as Harvey Weinstein who has admitted to the acts, but unfortunately the act of hearsay and storytelling is becoming a trend it would seem among some folks.

Kevin Spacey has been pinned to the wall for his own conduct, and while it’s been said in the past that he is anything but a nice guy off the set, he has lost his place on the hit show House of Cards over this matter. If he is guilty then he needs to be shown just how much it can hurt when you don’t follow the rules, as does anyone that is found to be guilty without a shred of doubt.

The problem becomes finding out who is innocent and who is truly guilty. The swarm of false accusations that are bound to happen in a fiasco such as this will do little more than harm reputations and stymie the efforts of the law to sort out just who the villains are and which of those claiming abuse and harassment are genuine. It seems awful to have to cast doubt on the claim of anyone who insists that they were victimized in any way, but the fact remains that far too many would be recipients of a quick and easy settlement are no doubt licking their chops as they brush up on their acting skills in an attempt to fleece as much as they can from those that would rather get rid of such a matter quietly rather than have it drag out and become a public affair.

That avalanche is rolling on, and anyone caught in the path has already found out that it won’t spare a single person when the damage is done.

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