Five Clips That Prove How Good a Dancer Jim Carrey Actually Is

Who knew Jim Carrey could dance? Anyone? He moves like his bone are made of rubber sometimes but the fact that he could be a great dancer never really registered with anyone since he’s been the funny man for so long that it’s kind of escaped our notice for the most part. But if you really look back among his many roles you might find that he’s been cutting a rug in a few different movies and on TV in the past and we all just thought it was a nice bit of comedy. Well, to be honest it was, but it also showed that Jim can really move when he gets the desire and has to perform for the audience. He’s more than just the funny man after all as he’s proven in the more recent past, but he’s almost more than just an actor as we’ve found out. Jim Carrey has a lot more layers to him than a lot of people realized it would seem and it’s kind of refreshing really.

Here’s a few scenes showing how he can really move it.

5. Once Bitten

As one of his first real movies in which he did anything of note this film kind of allowed him to finally showcase just what he could do. The unfortunate part is that a lot of people have forgotten about this movie since it was made a ways in Jim’s past and hasn’t been given the same kind of attention as his other films that have seen him go way over the top.

4. Mr. Popper’s Penguins

This isn’t Happy Feet so there’s no need to keep up with the feisty little avian group but he does make a convincing case for his ability to follow a simple set of dance instructions. Something tells me he’d be able to do a lot more with a bunch of CGI penguins if he was given free reign to do so, and it would look pretty impressive really and be fun to watch.

3. In Living Color

You might say that this wasn’t the best example of his dancing skills but he does know how to move and can at least keep up with the other guys in the sense that it’s a spoof and he’s supposed to look like a goof. He moves around just fine and while he looks like a true poser on stage that only makes his credibility go up a few notches since it takes a little skill to look that bad.

2. Yes Man

Have you ever tried Dance, Dance Revolution? The thing is nearly impossible unless you’re a teenager with the stamina and the ability to watch the arrows and get them all correct while still keeping an eye on where your feet are landing. Doing it drunk seems like it would be a giant mess but Carrey at least stays on his feet, which is more than a lot of us could say.

1. The Mask

This is the best scene of him dancing even if it’s not all entirely real. He still puts on a good show and makes it seem like one of the greatest tricks of all time.

Jim Carrey can dance, don’t let anyone tell you different.

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