Five Things You Didn’t Know about Alex Gansa

There’s not much on the internet about Alex Gansa as far as a biography goes. What you can find out really needs to be divined from the articles and interviews he’s given to various sites, meaning it’s more of a fact-finding mission than anything to discover anything pertinent about him. That’s kind of amusing really when you consider just which shows he’s had a hand in during his long and successful career in TV.

You’ll find it a little more amusing once you keep reading I’m sure.

5. He’s the showrunner for Homeland.

Is it sinking in yet? The man isn’t all that secretive but he seems to keep his information close to the vest, or maybe no one’s done a full bio on him at his request. Considering that Homeland deals with a lot of secrets born out of paranoia and a desire to keep things on the down low as much as possible it seems to mirror what you can and can’t find about the showrunner on the internet. Get it?

4. He’s worked on the Beauty and the Beast TV series.

Remember this show? I can recall watching it religiously for a while until it finally went off the air. It wasn’t the cutesy Disney version, but it wasn’t as hardcore as you would think either. For a while this show was one of the most popular on TV since it took elements of the classic story and put them in a more modern setting where people could relate to it just a little more. It was a great show for a while.

3. He helped with the X-Files series.

This was early on in his career and he moved on eventually as you can guess. But this is still a feather in his cap to be honest, something impressive to have on the resume and be able to cite for future use. The X-Files have been such a mainstay in our culture that being able to say that you’ve been there and helped with it is something that most people would likely hold onto if they had the chance.

2. He prefers working at home as opposed to his office at times.

I can’t say that I blame him on this score. Being in your own office and in the comfort of your own home, or close to it, is highly preferable to some people. It gives you the feeling that you can do what you want when you and still get your work done. That kind of comfort is rare these days even for those that seek it out. But the thought of working at home is so much nicer than having to commute.

1. He helped to start an SAT Prep company to start with when he came to LA.

SAT prep is still a thing apparently, but then after being out of high school for so long I’d imagine that a lot of people would forget about this since the SAT’s aren’t an experience we all love holding onto. I can remember SAT prep a little too well and it was useful but not necessarily memorable.

It sounds like Alex Gansa has come a long way in his career.

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