Five Things You Didn’t Know About Cat Cora

Reality television has reached a point in which it completely dominants the programming of most of the popular networks in television. It is absolutely amazing how many different categories of reality television exists at the current moment. While a substantial portion of reality television is centered on the drama of celebrity divas or celebrity wives, the cooking world has made a massive impact on reality television. And one of the stars that are still rising is chef Cat Cora — most known for her appearances on Around the World in 80 Plates and Iron Chef.

While you may be familiar with the name, there is a lot that you probably don’t know about the reality chef, so here are five you didn’t know about Cat Cora.

1. She Has Had a Passion for Cooking for Quite a While

Cat admits that her passion for cooking has existed for as long as she can remember. She recalls that when she was only five years old, she would host tea parties and she would bake cookies to serve to her guests. During this time her guest list consisted of her grandmother and other relatives who would happen to be in the house. But it would not be long before just the mention of her name would ensure that the guest list would be full.

2. She Has a Passion for Fitness

Everyone who has watched Cat on her shows knows that she has a passion for food, but did you know that she has a passion for fitness as well? In fact, Cat is notorious for wearing her gym clothes in the kitchen. It is not unheard of for Cat to be seen moving around the kitchen in her flipFlops or even wearing a headband. She is definitely not your average chef.

3. She Never Mastered Toast

For most people, the assumption is that chefs are good at cooking everything, but the truth is that while chefs master certain culinary disciplines, every chef has things they could improve at. With Cat, her culinary Achilles heel is toast. Can you believe that something as simple as making toast would be troublesome for such an accomplished chef? She admits that she always burns the toast and that she can be heard from around the house scraping toast.

4. She Yearns Hummus

Cat revealed that she has to eat hummus every few hours. She cannot live without hummus as part of her daily nutritional regiment. She refers to hummus as an all-purpose food. Cora revealed that she could relate to Natalie Portman, who declared that she eats her weight in hummus. Cat believes that it is likely that she eats her weight in hummus as well.

5. Being A Rock Star Would Be Her Second Calling

Cat says that if she would not have become a chef, it is likely that she would have become a rock star. It is not that she is so great as a musician or singer, but she believes that she has the ideal personality to be a rock star. The truth is that she does not know how to play a single instrument, but it is on her bucket list. She says that while most people never hear her, she sings all the time.

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