Five Things You Didn’t Know About David F. Sandberg

David F. Sandberg is a movie director that knows how to scare you and all of your friends. He is the driving force behind “Lights Out” and it stimulates the kind of fear that hangs with you for a long time after the movie has ended. Out of necessity, you may feel compelled to look under the bed or in the closet just a couple of times before you go to sleep. Sandberg is a brilliant director, but fans don’t know a lot about him. Here are five things about David F. Sandberg that you didn’t know.

1. Before fame he worked in a video store

David F. Sandberg joines a long line of famous film directors who worked in video stores. He spent his later teen years working in a video store and saved his money so he could purchase his first camcorder. He used the device to make a few short films. He submitted them to film festivals and in time, was awarded an internship ati Jönköpings län, a film centre.

2. He was a YouTuber

His first film was released in 2006 on YouTube. The title was “For Barnen.” It was an animated short film. It wasn’t long before he released his second film “Vad Tyst Det Blev,” and it was this film that earned him some well deserved recognition. The awards that he won at the November Film Festival helped him to get his foot in the door for serious job opportunities. It was after this that he formed his own company and began making short films and commercials.

3. “Lights Out” was originally a short film

The scary film that made us all sleep with the lights on actually started out to be a short film. He had a few other short horror films including “Attic Panic” and “Closet Space.” “Lights Out” was such a high quality film and it had such a tremendous impact on viewers that Hollywood was compelled to contact him. The short was turned into a full blown film that brought the Swedish filmmaker high recognition and success.

4. He puts his wife in every film he makes

We’re not sure if this is a trend that is going to continue, but so far, Sandberg has made certain to include his wife in every film. Look for her in lights out, and then view a few more of his creations without looking at the credits. See if you can pick her out as the most familiar face that seems to crop up everywhere. Her name is Lotta Losten. She is an actor, writer and producer as well. The couple share their passion for filmmaking and together they make a brilliant team.

5. His thing is live action and animation combinations

If you want to know Sandberg’s true passion in filmmaking style, check out “Earth Savers.” It’s a television docu-series that is also animated. It’s amazing how he can blend cartoon characters with reality. “Ladyboy” and “Wallace” are two more splendid examples of his work. He brings something new to the entertainment industry and it appears that the young Swedish filmmaker is going to go far.

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