Five Things You Didn’t Know About Ethan Cutkosky

Shameless quickly became one of the most beloved shows on television when it debuted in 2011. The drama and hilarity of the Gallagher family resonated with audiences in a way that few other shows have. While the show often focuses on the struggles of Fiona and her father Frank, the youngest Gallagher became an instant favorite for many viewers. Carl, portrayed by the talented Ethan Cutkosky, is one of the most hilarious and entertaining characters on television.

Cutkosky’s performances have been incredibly impressive, especially given his young age when the show began. Over the years, as the show grew, more and more fans have wanted to know what Cutkosky is like in his personal life. For those looking to get to know their favorite Gallagher a little better, here are five of the most interesting facts about Ethan Cutkosky.

5. He loves animals 

Carl Gallagher may come off as somewhat cold-hearted, but Cutkosky has a huge soft spot for animals. He’s had many pets over the years, and he seems to prefer animals that are a little exotic. For example, some of the animals he has cared for in the past include fire-bellied toads, geckos, and anoles. Clearly, Cutkosky doesn’t mind being a little different than most, just like his character on the show.

4. Ethan Cutkosky Net Worth 

While Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy have done the heavy lifting for many episodes of Shameless, Cutkosky has consistently delivered incredible performances over the years. In addition to this show, he has also appeared in productions like The Unborn. Despite his young age, these performances have earned him a significant income. In 2017, Ethan Cutkosky’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. With another season of Shameless just around the corner, his worth is sure to continue rising.

3. He’s a perfectionist 

Carl Gallagher may be carefree, messy, and largely in disregard of responsibility, but the same cannot be said for Cutkosky. The young actor has earned a reputation as a performer who truly strives to deliver perfection. In fact, his insistence on getting his scenes shot in one take earned him a nickname on the set of The Unborn. He was known as “One-Take Barto,” as Barto was the name of his character.

2. He started acting when he was very young 

Obviously, Cutkosky was a child when Shameless began. However, his acting career actually began before the show. Many fans do not realize that his first appearance in a major role came two years before the premiere of Shameless, as he appeared in Fred Claus in 2009. Further, he got his first taste of acting years before this film. When he was only 4, he began appearing in commercials.

1. He is a very active person 

Given the fact that he’s been a professional actor since the age of 4, one might expect that Cutkosky has a great deal of energy and drive. In addition to acting, Cutkosky burns off this energy with a number of hobbies. Some of the most interesting ways he likes to spend his time include skateboarding and doing martial arts. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo.



Shameless is a show that is widely celebrated not only for its writing and powerful messages, but also for the amazing performances by its cast. As Carl, Ethan Cutkosky has brought to life one of the funniest and relatable characters on television. Fans will appreciate his performance even more when they realize what an incredible talent Cutkosky truly is. He’s been acting since he was only 4 years old, and he has become famous for his determination to shoot his scenes in one take. Undoubtedly, the upcoming season of Shameless will feature many more impressive performances by Ethan Cutkosky.

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