Five Things You Didn’t Know about James Bay

James Bay is at this moment the musician you feel like you’ve seen before but can’t place since he’s not yet in the public consciousness in a way that a lot of other stars are. There’s no doubt that he’s earned his spot and he’s put in the work but for some reason he just doesn’t seem to be resonating with as many people yet. He’s got the look and the sound to make it big and to push a career that could be something monumental, but at this time he’s still struggling to get known despite having won award and acclaim.

He’s not lacking for popularity, but there’s some quality he just hasn’t hit yet.

5. He was inspired by Eric Clapton.

Bay was inspired by Clapton’s song Layla to be more precise. It was this that made him take up an old, rusty guitar that he found in a cupboard. He then started learning as best he could how to pluck the strings and make himself into a self-taught musician. How people do this is amazing really since there are so many intricacies about music that seem as though they need to be taught rather than felt.

4. He got noticed thanks to a YouTube video.

He was recorded during a open mic night and was noticed by someone from Republic Records. Within a week he was signed to the label and by 2013 he was selling out tickets to his tour. So it’s not that he can’t sell tickets, it’s pretty obvious that he can do this, but it’s a mystery why he’s still kind of an unknown in a lot of circles. You would think that going on tour and selling so many albums would get his name out here easily.

3. He’s sold a great number of albums but he’s not that well known yet.

One of his albums sold 64,000 copies in the first week, so people like his music, but still there’s that issue of why he’s not blowing up every which way you look. Maybe he doesn’t want that kind of fame or maybe his PR people aren’t pushing his work and name in the right way. In any case it’s confusing as to why he’s not a bigger name in the music industry but it’s also something that might be a matter of personal choice.

2. He was nominated for three awards at the 2016 Grammy’s.

Bay was nominated for Best New Artist, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Album. Do you think Kanye would have any inclination to come up and contest his win? Or would he have considered Bay to be beneath his notice? It’s worth asking really since West really seems to have an issue with other people winning at times.

1. He gained more education during open mic nights. 

One thing that’s evident is that he’s had to try and read the crowd when he’s playing open mic nights, just like anyone should be. This allows him to figure out what people want and what they’ll respond to in the most positive way.

He’s got the talent and the fame, maybe it’s just a matter of time until he becomes that big.

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