Five Things You Didn’t Know about Kirk Acevedo

You have all types of actors in Hollywood, all of which find a way to make a good living, although they accomplish feat through completely different means. There is the actor who because a blockbuster star who makes maybe one movie every two years or so, but is paid $20 million to do it, then there are those that work constant, but taking small roles that never provide exposure. Then, you have those like Kirk Acevedo, who seem to be working multiple projects all the time. Between the different between the type of Hollywood star Kirk represents and the latter version is that he has star-appeal. He is putting in constant work and getting the exposure.

In addition to gaining his celebrity on the HBO series, OZ, as Miguel Alvarez, He has had roles in Band of Brothers and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Here are five additional facts about Kirk Acevedo that may not know.

1. Cast in Arrow as Richard Dragon

During the Comic-Con panel, the executive producer of the CW series, Green Arrow, hinted that the show would be introducing a character, Ricardo Diaz (AKA Richard Dragon). As it turns out, the role was handed over to veteran actor Kirk Acevedo to add to his collection of impressive roles on television and in “film.” The arc provides for a long recurring role on the show, so this will definitely end up creating more exposure for Kirk.

2. He Is of Puerto Rican Descent

Both of Kirk’s parents are of Puerto Rican descent, and despite the fact that both of them were born in New York City, their Puerto Rican heritage rings through. The connection to his Puerto Rican heritage has allowed Kirk to play several roles in which his Latino heritage has served him well in the development of his character, especially in his role as Miguel Alvarez on the HBO original series, Oz.

3. He Has a Natural Passion for Acting

According to sources close to the family, Kirk has had a deep passion for acting and performing since he was a kid. In fact, his family reports that he used to perform improvised shows when he was a small kid. He followed that by becoming a drama major in high school, but it was not just any high school, it was the LaGuardia High School of Music & Performing Arts. He would then enroll in the SUNY Purchase School of Acting to round off his training.

4. He Has Experienced Immense Success as a Television Actor

There is no doubt that movies stars get an immense amount of praise because of the platform they are afforded. Movies have to build and deliver a complete story line in around two hours, so they tend to be extremely intense in the impressions they make, but television allows for stories to be developed over seasons, so one episodedoesn’t have the punch of a movie. However, Kirk has taken his roles in television and made quite the name for himself, and he does not look to be slowing down anytime soon.

5. He Played the Same Character in Three Different Television Series

There is no doubt that Kirk has gotten significant mileage out of the Law & Order Franchise, having had recurring roles as the same character in three branches of the franchise, Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Law & Order: Trial ByJury, playing investigator, Hector Salazer in all three series.

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