Five Things You Didn’t Know about Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham tends to be best-known as a political commentator on the Fox News Channel, but has a radio talk show as well. More recently, her name has popped up in the news because she will be starting up a new TV show on weeknights on the Fox News Channel, which will be called The Ingraham Angle. Given what she does, it should come as no surprise to learn that Ingraham has made some rather controversial statements over the course of her career.

Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Laura Ingraham:

Has Three Children

Ingraham has never married, though she was engaged at one point in time to a Chicago businessman. Regardless, Ingraham has three children of her own, with the eldest being a girl named Maria Caroline who was adopted from Guatemala and the other two being boys named Michael Dimitri and Nikolai Peter who were adopted from Russia.

Served as Editor-in-Chief of the Dartmouth Review

When she was a student at Dartmouth College, Ingraham served as a staff member of a conservative off-campus newspaper called The Dartmouth Review before rising to the position of editor-in-chief as a senior. Suffice to say that said newspaper has been embroiled in numerous controversies with examples ranging from the time when a criticism of affirmative action was written in Ebonics to the time when it compared the first Jewish president of the college to Hitler. In particular, Ingraham is notable for writing an article that started up something of a feud with a black professor named Bill Cole, which resulted in the faculty of the college being pitted against The Dartmouth Review.

Served as a Speechwriter in the Reagan Administration

Like a number of the staff members from The Dartmouth Review, Ingraham went on to serve in a Republican presidential administration. In her case, she went on to serve as the speechwriter for the Domestic Policy Advisor of the Reagan administration.

Has Claimed that the Women’s Movement Set Women Back

On one occasion, Ingraham claimed that the women’s movement set women back, which was in the context of a conversation about the effects of the Sexual Revolution that normalized contraception as well as sex outside of traditional heterosexual marriages. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that Ingraham has attacked Planned Parenthood as well by calling it a criminal enterprise as well as making Hitler comparisons.

Has Attacked Pope Francis for Supporting Environmentalism

On another occasion, Ingraham attacked Pope Francis for his support of environmentalism. The essence of her criticism can be summed up as her feeling that said issue was none of the Catholic Church’s business, which is rather odd considering that the stewardship of the Earth is not exactly a new concept in either Roman Catholicism or the other major branches of Christianity. Granted, the stewardship of the Earth is complex enough to permit room for interpretation, meaning that she might not share the interpretation that environmentalism is a natural extension of the command to treat the Earth in a responsible manner even if she is a Roman Catholic convert.


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