Five Things You Didn’t Know About Liza Koshy

Popular YouTube viner Liza Koshy is one of the fastest growing sensations on the internet. She’s keeping followers entertained with her weekly posts and racking up the numbers across the major social network platforms. She’s funny and her content is something that fans can relate to. Koshy has something very special to contribute to the entertainment world and she’s having fun at the same time. Her approach to humor seems genuine and people want to keep tuning in for more of what she’s giving them. She’s a multi-talented girl and there is more that her fans and followers want to know, so here are five things about Liza that you didn’t know.

1. She was just offered a Viacom deal

Liza isn’t just another pretty face with a few good vines. She offers quality in her content that appeals to the masses. This is why the execs at a Viacom owned network offered her a deal. Liza is set to appear as host of a reboot of “Total Request Live.” The network needed to bring in a new generation of viewers and what better way than to enlist the help of social media royalty? We think that they’re on to something with a high potential of success here. Liza will appear as host of the show and has agreed to make several appearances on MTV as a part of her contract.

2. Koshy set a record

Liza is one of the fastest growing viners on social media today. Not everyone who posts vines sticks around long enough to amass a following. This is not the case for Koshy. Her current number of followers on Facebook is over 2 million with just over a million on Twitter and more than thirteen million followers on Instagram. She set the record for the fastest growth on YouTube with 10.8 million subscribers.

3. She is a business major

Liza Koshy is a smart girl. She isn’t putting all of her eggs into one basket. Even though she’s having massive success in her social media endeavors, she attended college in the fall of 2014. She enrolled in business marketing classes. Regardless of where she ends up in her career, this type of knowledge will help her to keep her business affairs in order.

4. She’s an all-American girl

Several fans have asked about Koshy’s race. It’s not always easy to tell the ancestral heritage of a person by looking at them. She is half Caucasian and half Indian. She was born in the city of Houston, Texas. This is where whe spent her early years as a child and teenager.

5. She followed her friends and got famous

Prior to becoming famous, Liza wasn’t thinking about being a big and famous star. A group of her friends downloaded the YouTube app and were having fun of their own with it. To keep up with them, Liza downloaded it as well. She was in high school at the time that she made her first vine. Who would have dreamed that she would soon be named “Breakout Creator at the Streamy Awards for 2016?

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