Five Things You Didn’t Know about Manolo Gonzalez-Vergara

Cue the next generation because they are coming. They might not all be as famous as those that came before them but they do have one thing that first generation actors do not, they have an in when it comes to getting into the business. Some people might get jealous of this while others might start looking for any and every flaw they can find with an individual, but the truth is that being born into an acting family or having a relative that’s famous doesn’t automatically count against a person. They have to work to make certain that they work just as hard to stay relevant, and even the people that get them in can’t control that.

With that being said, here are a few things you might not know about Manolo.

5. He’s the son of Sofia Vergara.

If you didn’t know this by now then that’s okay since it means you don’t watch the Emmy’s or anything that might show the two of them together. He’s been in commercials with her and she did help him get started in the business.  Aside from that Manolo has been kind of doing his own thing now for a while.

4. He’s a model.

He’s definitely got the looks and the build for it and thanks to his mother he has the genetics to pull it off. He’s been an actor in a few movies but it would appear that his modeling career is something a little more special than his acting so it makes sense that he would stick with the one that keeps him busier on an average basis.

3. He made his debut as a child.

Manolo started out as a kid doing bits with his mom, who has also been coming up through the business throughout the years as she’s continued go increase her popularity. It’s safe to say he hasn’t become as well known as she is but he’s still young so there’s a lot of time left.

2. He’s an Instagram superstar.

He has around 240,000 followers on his Instagram account so it’s safe to say he’s got some pull in the business. Of course if that was the only measure of fame then he’d still be a low man on the totem pole since a lot of people that aren’t as well known tend to have a lot more than this. Cosplayers are a good example since some of them have a couple million or more.

1. His mother is most of the reason he’s famous. 

Kind of like her character on Modern Family Sofia is a bit protective and very supportive when it comes to her son. She has helped him throughout his entire career thus far and it’s a little funny that her son’s name is Manolo and her onscreen son’s name is Manny. I kind of wonder if she pushed for that just to make a little easier for her to relate to the character? Anyway, Manolo has a lot to thank his mother for since she did in fact help him along the way, a lot.

Even with famous mother Manolo has to earn his way forward. There’s a good chance we’ll be hearing more about him though.


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