Five Things You Didn’t Know about Tony Vinciquerra

Tony Vinciquerra is the current executive in charge of Sony Pictures and has been given a very daunting task of having to clean house so that Sony can once again be considered a viable name in the entertainment industry. Having come from very little Tony had to work his way to where he’s at now, doing everything he could to make enough money here and there for college and to live on as he continued to climb the ranks. He’s a very humble man that doesn’t go in for the pomp and flash of the business since that’s not who he is or who he wants to be. He might be the kind of boss that wants everything from you but in the end he tends to be the kind of man that seems very fair in how he deals with his people and won’t expect too much.

That’s the kind of boss a lot of us would love to have it seems, and only a few get that lucky.

5. During college he worked in radio sales ads.

He would scour the classifieds, making courtesy calls to those that he believed had the money to spend to have their ads put on the radio. He would make about $25 per ad sold which doesn’t seem like much even back then but it helped him to advance until he was doing TV ad sales and then eventually running a TV station all on his own. Tony has made it a habit to work smarter and, when necessary, use that to work harder. It seems to have worked thus far.

4. He’s not your typical executive.

Instead of laying back and taking all the credit he’s typically working with his team to complete projects and get things done on time. He will also make it a point to go home and be with his family when the job is done rather than stand around absorbing the praise and shaking hands. That speaks of a family man that knows how to get the job done but still understands that family is one of the most important things in life.

3. He has a big challenge ahead of him in his current position.

Sony has been a mess for a while due to a lot of internal issues that have risen throughout the years from one disaster after another. Tony has a very big task ahead of him when it comes to making the company worth something again and not upsetting too many people in the process. He’s definitely the kind of guy that will get rid of dead weight when he has to but will still attempt to find ways to please his people and keep them working. That’s the mark of a great boss.

2. A lot of people have questioned his role already.

He’s not the first pick type to be honest. His resume is impressive but it would seem that a lot of Hollywood executives have already questioned whether he’s ready for this or not. Quite honestly I believe that a man like Tony is needed, not some stuffed suit that will walk in and take the credit while others are busting their hump trying to implement some half-baked plan to get back on track.

1. He helped to build the Fox entertainment and sports networks. 

This is just one place where he’s proven himself thus far, there have been others where he’s shown what he has to offer and how valuable it can be. Tony is the kind of guy you want on your team when things go wrong because he’ll work tirelessly to make them right again.

Here’s hoping he can get Sony back on track.

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