Guy Spends $40,000 Buying out IMAX Theaters to Prove Ex-Girlfriend Wrong

A guy actually spent over $40,000 on IMAX tickets to prove his ex-girlfriend wrong. He spent that much just to show her that she was wrong about something, that he was right and she was wrong. If you’re wondering why I’m repeating that it’s to drive home the point that some folks are just plain out of their heads when it comes to proving that their point is valid and that of another person is just wrong. The back story for this is no better since it will likely make you shake your head and wonder just what is wrong with some people that can’t let a simple matter go. I’m still shaking my head.

One interesting note is that this little venture cost the guy half of his monthly income. That’s right, a little over $40 grand is just HALF of this guy’s income and he spent it on movie tickets. Why though? Well, back in the day he couldn’t afford two movie tickets to take his girlfriend to the theater, and she dumped him soon after. A lot of people were thinking that this was a publicity stunt of some sort, but all the verification that was needed to prove that it was real was given. The idea was that he was still so bitter seven years after their breakup that he decided to finally get even with her by buying out two IMAX theaters in Beijing when Transformers 4 came out to show her that she had made a huge mistake by dumping him.

Seven years in the past this event had taken place and he hadn’t let it go by that time. This is a big reason why people wanted to believe it was a hoax. The free tickets were great after all and probably very much appreciated by those that forwarded his story on social media to get them. But this seems like such a stretch for anyone no matter how obsessed people can get. To stew on something like this for that long seems a waste of a life that could be spent doing something constructive, like finding a lady that wouldn’t dump him simply because he couldn’t afford to take her to the movies.

Plus, what in the world does he do that $40,000 is half of his monthly income? I can think of a couple of exes that have dumped me in the past but even if I was making that kind of money I wouldn’t waste it on an effort to get back at them. They’re in the wind at that point and don’t really deserve the kind of concern this would take to be honest, not unless we were still on good terms. But this guy apparently held onto that feeling for seven long years and decided that he would show her by spending this type of money and then just giving it away to those that agreed to push his story forward.

Personally I really hope this was just a bad hoax.

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