Henry Cavill Shaves Mustache While Taking a Jab at CGI

Henry Cavill shaved his mustache, it’s true. But he also took a hidden jab at CGI while doing it which made it just a little bit better. If you’ve seen the Justice League by now then you should be able to agree that the manner in which the whole mustache thing was handled was kind of silly. In an era when facial hair is fairly easy to shave and then reapply for a role as it’s needed you would think that Cavill would have just shaved the mustache or DC would have found a way to let him keep it and work around it. After all, what’s wrong with Superman having a bit of scruff? Oh right, it wouldn’t do to let the man of steel show that he does in fact enjoy having facial hair. But wait, when he was still a drifter in the first film he was sporting a full on beard and mustache. So really, now that he’s been dead and gone he can’t look a little scruffy? Yes, it would be weird to think that his facial hair kept growing while he was buried, but the snafu with the mustache was still just so ridiculous that you would almost expect the backlash that came.

So this jab at CGI, which was used so horribly in the Justice League, is something that people should have expected. Honestly, it looked like his mouth was about to slide off of his face at some points as it didn’t seem to conform with the rest of it. His eyes were going one way and his mouth was drifting the other. That’s, kind of a disturbing really, but apparently DC didn’t see much of a problem with it. But now that he’s shaved he had no qualms about taking a jab at the CGI and to be honest it’s completely allowable since there was definitely another way that things could have been done. It might not have made Justice League any better as a movie but hey, every little thing helps sometimes.

The movie itself was good in some spots, great in a couple of them, but on the whole it was kind of a flop. All on its own without being compared to anything else the film was kind of ‘meh’, but when being compared to anything else it was definitely easy to push it to the side in favor of something like The Last Jedi or something else that earned even worse reviews. The only real saving grace that Justice League had to be honest were the superheroes, and the novelty of that wore off kind of quickly. Everyone was expecting something epic, something so great that it would lift the pall of the Snyder era that has taken over the DCEU. But they got the CGI effect that was seen around the world instead.

You simply know that unless the next DC collaboration that uses the League can top this movie in some monumental way that it will be something that will haunt the creators for a long, long time.


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