The Kardashian Income Calculator is a Real Thing and Just Ugh

Well I don’t know about you but considering that the Kardashian and Jenner clan are kind of, well, off, I don’t pay that much attention to them. But hey, if you want to feel marginalized there’s now a way to do it even more efficiently. Those at the UK clothing line Missy Empire have been “kind” enough to create something called the Kardashian Income Calculator, an app that actually lets you see just how much you earn, or in fact don’t earn, when compared to the Kardashian/Jenner family. Boy what fun! You can see just how many hours, yes, HOURS, it takes for one of these women to make your yearly salary by doing absolutely nothing useful and just looking the way they do on a regular basis.

So yeah, if they go to lunch and then shopping and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars they’re still making more than you do as you slave away trying to earn a few bucks to pay your bills or your mortgage. Even the youngest among them is earning more than most people selling stuff that you use for your lips. COSMETIC sales by the Jenner/Kardashian clan could pay for most people’s homes and still leave the ladies in the lap of luxury. Are you full on disgusted yet? Well it gets better.

There’s even a part of the app that tells you how much they’ve made in the seconds since you’ve logged on. That’s right, they have it down to the second on how much these women are making while you’re watching and starting to feel horrible, presumably, about how little you actually make.

Is this for real?

Apparently yes, it is very real no matter how insipid it seems. So many people measure themselves by what their favorite celebrities do, earn, and say, that they might actually feel bad about their own minimum wage check at the end of the day and have to drink their woes away or find some sort of outlet to make themselves feel better. Why would anyone do something like this? And why is this coven still in the news when nothing they do is that interesting? It might seem like an attack on their family but really and truly it’s a point of morbid curiosity since the idea that they’re this rich for doing what amounts to nothing is kind of ludicrous.

Seriously, all they do is Tweet, look pretty, but not really, and manage clothing lines that are usually priced for those that make much more than minimum wage, and make public appearances. And if you want a real scoop, Kris Jenner is probably the worst of them since she essentially handles her daughters’ careers and takes ten percent from each one. She’s effectively pimping her daughters out to the media and even been put on record as saying she would have had more kids if she knew it would have been this lucrative. Ah yes, a real salt of the earth type.

Can someone tell me why they’re even still popular?

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