Kylie Jenner is Pregnant: What We Officially Know

In a previous interview with reality star Kylie Jenner, she mentioned that she’s always imagined herself to have children, at least by 2025. The youngest Kardashian might not have to wait for that time to come since there are rumors that she’s carrying a baby with current boyfriend Travis Scott. The young makeup mogul has been with Scott since April of this year, after finally ending her on-again and off-again, long-time relationship with rapper Tyga. Kylie and Travis were first spotted together in Coachella and have since been spotted in public multiple times, displaying PDA nonchalantly.

None of the Kardashian clan has commented on the rumor about their 20-year old family member, but photos taken of Kylie just before the rumors started show Kylie with a slight bump on her belly even though she was wearing an oversized shirt. In her TV show Life of Kylie, the star dishes out how difficult celebrity life could be and how the past few years of her life in the spotlight have been particularly hard, especially when it came to her relationships. The Kardashians have taken over reality television a long time ago, and the youngest member of the family is also popular in other outlets such as social media. She feels the scrutiny that’s typical with celebrity status, and she’s not always up to dealing with it.

Kylie claims that she’s had more fun in the last couple of months compared to the last few years. We’re not entirely sure if that’s a sly stab at ex-boyfriend Tyga or if it’s simply a nod to Travis. However, she did say that because of issues with keeping her private life intact, she’s had to sometimes just stay at home all day long. She also says that the Internet is unstoppable when it comes to opinions about her relationships. Not that it’s anything new with celebrity life, but the Kardashians have always thrived in being in the spotlight regardless of whether it’s for good reason or not. Kylie states that everyone has an opinion on whom she dates and that it’s quite a lot to take at times.

The youngest Kardashian has also stated that she’s feeling a lot freer now that she’s with Travis. The couple even got matching butterfly tattoos together. We’re not sure if this is it for the reality TV star, but neither one really likes to comment about their relationship even though they don’t try to hid it either. Neither Kylie nor Travis has commented on the pregnancy rumors just yet, and we’re still waiting to see if the rumors are even true. For now, we’re seeing Kylie wearing a lot of looser clothing, but it might just mean that the star is just teasing the media. We’re hoping to hear more with the upcoming episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Otherwise, we’re pretty positive that we’ll hear about it through her Instagram. The truth will eventually come out, and if the rumors are indeed true, it’ll be a life changer for her and for the rest of her family.

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