No, Matt Damon is Not Fleeing to Australia to Escape Trump

At this point fans and critics need to pipe down since Matt Damon is not fleeing to Australia to escape Donald Trump. The uproar that was caused when Trump took office after so many actors and celebrities stated that they were leaving the country still hasn’t quieted down completely. Matt Damon has reportedly made a few trips to Australia and during one of them The Daily Telegraph seemed to somehow get the idea that he was buying a home close to Chris Hemsworth’s in an attempt to flee the US. Jennifer Allen, a spokeswoman for Damon, has denied this allegation and stated that he didn’t buy a home and is not moving to Australia.

Unfortunately this is what idle talk gets when it’s launched and lobbied around so often during moments in which people become uneasy and even scared. So many people decided to state that they were going to leave the country if Donald Trump took office that once it happened a lot of people started looking to them to follow up on their words. Unfortunately that idle chatter made a lot of them look a bit foolish and even dinged their reputations a bit since speaking such words seemed like more than just ‘something people say’. Granted, a lot of people were upset when Trump assumed the role of POTUS, but there were quite a few people that stated that they would not live in a Trump-run country and seemed adamant about leaving once he took office. And yet there’s been no action.

Trump isn’t the best thing that’s happened to the US in a while but at the same time those that speak such words and then don’t live up to them tend to show that they’re mostly talk and little action. More often than not society tends to take the stance that ‘oh they didn’t really mean it’ despite the fact that some of those people speaking the words sounded quite sincere. Damon however is not leaving the country, nor did many of the people that said they would. Instead they’re still here, still fighting in the same manner, and still doing their own thing as though nothing happened. There’s nothing keeping them here really, no one is pointing a gun at their heads and telling them to stay. Their own words seemed to have been more of a bluff that few if any people took seriously and have now come back to haunt them in a way. While the fact remains that Trump is in office and proves each day that he’s completely fallible, the actors and celebrities that made the statement that they’d leave the country are doing pretty much the same.

The idea of fleeing a country because of it’s leader and their ideological differences that don’t mesh with your own is kind of ridiculous really. Even if Matt Damon isn’t leaving the fact that he and many said they were was ludicrous. You don’t abandon your home simply because you don’t agree with the leader of the country. Loyalty to your home should be more important than loyalty to a person whose position will only last for a certain amount of time.

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