Singer Neil Young is Writing Science Fiction Novel

Apparently singer Neil Young is writing a science fiction novel titled Canary. So far the only thing that’s known about the plot is that it deals with a power company worker that discovers his company is nothing but a hoax after trying to weed out the corruption that he knows is going on. As a plot that’s not entirely sound but it’s also not so far out that it couldn’t be developed. Young has admitted that he’s working with an agent to try and get the book underway and finished. At this time there’s no real deadline for it so there’s no telling when it could come out. There’s also nothing to say that Young really knows what he’s doing when it comes to writing but inspiration can come from the darndest places at times so it could be that the book will be something interesting.

Some people can sing, play instruments, write, compete as an athlete, and do numerous other things with such ease that it kind of, jokingly, makes other people sick since they can only master one or two things in their lives. Neil Young has been a great and renowned singer throughout much of his life and at this point the idea of him writing a book might make some people scratch their heads and wonder what he’s thinking. Without knowing much more about him though, and there’s a safe bet that a lot of people don’t unless they’re fans, there’s nothing to say that he couldn’t do it. Writing is after all something that anyone can do if they really apply themselves and come up with a story that’s worthwhile. It’s not some magical quality that only writers possess and don’t like to share. Anyone with a story to tell has the chance to put it down on paper or digital copy and have their voice be heard. In fact the only thing that’s really unfair is that folks like Young have a better chance of getting published since they’ve already reached the top of their career and have contacts that can make such a thing happen.

The only way this becomes even more unfair is if the book really wasn’t that good and yet was granted New York Times Bestseller status when some writers that actually have talent would give an important body part for that chance. Again, the book could be something worthwhile and could be a way for Young to branch out and prove that he can do something else, but to a lot of writers this is probably a time to roll their eyes and wonder just why anyone would start such a thing at this point in their lives. Maybe he’ll come up with a great story to tell that will be something spectacular enough to make into a series or a movie. Who knows?

What is known is that anyone can write when they really put their mind to it. All you have to do is remember that the story comes first, and your glory comes second. That’s how you write.

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