“Stranger Things” Writer Justin Doble Moves to Amazon

It seems an opportune time for a shift in many different areas and for people to start making their way up the ladder so to speak or at least change venues. That includes the writer for Stranger Things Justin Doble, who will be moving on to Amazon after helping to make Stranger Things one of the most watched shows on Netflix. Doble has been a valued member of the team and is going to be a welcome addition to Amazon since his writing has been a big part of his success and is highly sought after at the moment.

At this point in the streaming business Amazon is kind of lagging behind its competitors just a bit as it’s had to go back and kind of redesign its lineup. Doble is being brought in to help develop new series no doubt and will be put to work immediately in an attempt to make Amazon’s new shows deliver a healthy dose of what people are wanting to see. It seems lately that a lot of people are shifting around, either coming to Netflix or moving away from it. Disney is of course one of the biggest accounts that Netflix will be losing soon, but Doble is an individual that has so far done a lot of good for the platform and its original series.

The truth is that Amazon needs to start keeping up with the likes of Netflix and Hulu or it might find itself quickly becoming obsolete as new platforms emerge and existing platforms continue to ascend. When it comes to streaming networks right now there’s only one direction that any company wants to consider, and that’s straight up. The effort to bring in Doble means that Amazon has seen true talent and decided to make an offer that Doble couldn’t rightly refuse. The chance to bring in a talented and well-respected writer is something that Amazon is desperately going to need if they want to stay competitive.

The tales that are featured on each platform are unique in their own way, but the programming is usually what makes one platform more popular than the other. For instance, Netflix is all about movies and series that people love to binge-watch in order to get caught up so that they can know what’s going on and then discuss it with friends and family that are into the same kind of shows. Hulu is focused more upon TV shows it would seem, and Disney, when it finally launches its own platform, will be obviously everything about and related to Disney, which will be great for kids and for family time. Amazon is kind of the runner up at the moment, though they have produced great  content they are still attempting to catch up to the others like a little kid wanting to be included in the things that the big kids do.

Amazon isn’t a small production by any means, but they’re still gaining ground in the streaming business and with skilled writers should be able to finally take their place in the midst of the rest of them.


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