Terry Crews Briefly Made more Money with Art Than His Job with the NFL

It might seem hard to believe but you’ll get the idea why it’s possible that Terry Crews made more money with his art than he did in the NFL. You look at Crews and you might think that after ending his NFL career in ’97 he’d be primed to go into action movies without fail. But to be honest there wasn’t much of a rush since he wasn’t broke and might have wanted to take things slow. As it turns out though Crews is just as good off the field as he was on, perhaps even better since through his various artwork he’s managed to make just as much if not more money than he ever did in the NFL. This guy is amazing really since he’s got acting talent, a body that looks like it was chiseled out of stone, a great sense of humor, and he’s talented in so many different ways.

He’s the guy you might like to hate if you didn’t already like him so much since his combined talents might make a person feel slightly inadequate. Of course it’s easier to be in awe of the guy than it is to find any real reason to dislike him. Crews can draw, he can paint, he can play the flute, and he designs furniture. Oh yeah, and he’s a great actor on top of it all. So the only question now is if there’s anything he can’t do, which seems to be a small list thus far.

He’s been in some of the more amusing, I won’t say great, movies of the past decade or more, and he’s steadily built up a fan base happens to love him just because he is several kinds of awesome. Crews has played good guys and bad guys in films, and he’s played characters that are somewhere in between. Each and every time he brings a level of intensity to his work that’s nothing short of amazing and speaks of a talent that’s only getting deeper and more developed as the years go by. His role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is proof of that, and his many different film roles have been leading up to his eventual development as a serious but comical actor that can turn on the drama when he needs to and yet still be funny at the drop of a hat. Looking at a guy his size you might think that it’d be only action that drew him and blockbusters that seemed to call his name.

Crews has paid his dues though as an actor and starred in some major duds and some highly anticipated films that people were excited to see. The Expendables is probably one of his greatest roles since he just gets to go onscreen and blow stuff while being comical about it. Other films such as White Chicks and Balls of Fury didn’t do too well in the box office but still manage to cement his legacy as being one of the more sought after individuals in Hollywood.

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