Watch out for Wizard World: The Latest Comic Con Trend Gaining in Popularity

Wizard World is fast becoming a trend that many cities are starting to accept as it is much like the famed Comic Con but with definite differences. Comic Con is non-profit in San Diego and is dedicated to giving out as much information as is possible to those that are interested in different movies, TV shows, and gaming experiences. It is in general a sharing of ideas and the presentation of different art forms that are brought to life by fans and different companies alike in an attempt to produce a greater, more expansive platform from which people all around the world can gain inspiration.

Wizard World is essentially a brand that is meant for profit and tags different cities that it would like to visit. Quite often Wizard World will visit a city during the same weekend each year.

There is a definite bias for each convention, and Wizard World is not always the favorite. It all depends on the size of the convention you want to go to, how convenient it is, and whether or not you believe in the difference between profit and non-profit. Some people tend to think that the non-profit conventions are far more acceptable while the for profit conventions are out to just make as much money as they can. This seems just a little hypocritical as even at the non-profit conventions there are plenty of things for sale by individual vendors that cost an arm and a leg. What many seem to forget however is that even at Comic-Con it costs to set up a stall, which can be as much as $3,000 without any add-ons. Non-profit or not, that’s fairly expensive, but it’s also necessary.

But it’s nowhere near as bad as Wizard World seems to have gotten. There is a point where the costs of the non-profit tends to outweigh the seemingly preferred Wizard World. For one, Wizard World is insanely expensive despite the fact that it is smaller and less populated. It has also come under fire recently for the mistreatment of its fans and its celebrities.

The highly exorbitant costs of any Comic Con or Wizard World event can be explained away by setup costs and various other costs that crop up. But Wizard World has made a habit out of upping the prices and offering far less for the cost. In other words they’ve been either pocketing a great deal of money without giving the fans anything back for it or putting that money into expenses that the fans don’t even want.

Shows such as Wizard World have also been known to lock their celebrities into contracts that won’t allow those celebrities to attend any other shows. This seems largely unfair to the celebrities that truly enjoy meeting the fans and would like to get as much exposure as possible. It also jilts the fans that attend smaller conventions that would love to have the chance to see and meet those celebrities as well.

It’s a matter of personal choice really and convenience, but if you’re going to a Wizard World convention then just be aware you’ll need a fat wallet if you want to enjoy yourself.


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