Words of Wisdom From The Late George Carlin

The late comedian George Carlin was almost always ridden about having a foul mouth and no filter when he was around, well, pretty much anybody. It’s actually very true but the trick is that he didn’t feel the need to filter out anything. If he had something to say he was going to say it. He said things people didn’t like all the time but there were still a few things that were wiser than a lot of individuals wanted to admit. So yeah, he was crass, but he wasn’t always in the wrong.

It’s a fine line between the two that you have to draw and more often than not you get cussed at or flipped off by both of them. Have you ever felt like there’s no real “good guy” on the road?

I’m sure the Olympics would disagree but when you look at it from a practical level, yes, it makes a lot of sense. People weren’t born to live in the water after all.

God hates a coward as the saying goes, but then again the coward definitely gets to take another shot at it more often than the brave folks. Decisions, decisions…

You would think after so long they’d come up with another term for it. Practice is something that an intern might do and thinking of a doctor having to practice is kind of frightening when you’re in the hospital.

Well unless you’re a drug lord stockpiling the stuff just isn’t the best idea. After all it’s not like cocaine has much value as a collector’s item.

Ah yes, the eternal struggle between the hard-working grubs and the beautiful butterflies that get to fly high. At the very least the caterpillar has something to look forward to.

There is a difference, a BIG difference. You can traverse the heights without fear of being there, but the idea of falling gives a lot of people the willies.

That one thing can usually lead a person in a vicious cycle that doesn’t seem likely to end. If one thing leads to another and it’s not a circle then there’s no telling where it’s going to go. So you either have the habit or the uncertainty.

A lot of people talk to themselves because they need someone intelligent to talk to. The problem with that is if that other voice actually answers back.

That’s why a lot of people lose faith in humanity because they’ve seen that stupider half in action. You think to yourself no one could possibly be that stupid and then someone goes and proves you wrong.

Oh come on now, everything’s got to have it’s simple beginnings, right?

Now that is the definition of a vicious cycle.

It’s like the future in that way, the moment you get a glimpse everything has to be rebooted so it stays a surprise.

And here all this time we thought it was the milk and cookies that made his night worth it. Maybe Santa needs to be on the naughty list a year or two.

Just don’t get those two mixed up and things should turn out alright.

See? He had a good amount of wisdom in him, along with a few other things.


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