Kid Cudi To Play Assistant To Ari Gold in Entourage Movie

kid cudi

Entourage was a very interesting show, with an even more interesting plot turn since it ended. The main question for a long time was will they or wont they make a movie? Well, seems we had confirmed some time ago that the movie is, indeed, going forward. While some people think it may be a little late in Entourage’s life cycle for it to still bring in new fans, they are taking some steps to ensue they do just that. A good example of this? Kid Cudi will play assistant to Ari Gold in Entourage movie. Please allow me to now tell you why this is a bold and genius move on all counts.

For those who dont know, Kid Cudi (who’s real name is Scott Mescudi) is a rapper with a massive underground following. Cudi fans (called Cudders) follow him like a Leming from project to project (I know, because I am one) and even if you think him being included on the Entourage movie wont do much for sales, you are wrong. If one hundred thousand more people see this film because they are Cudders, that can make a huge difference on opening week.

Cudi is likely going to have to put up with some abuse being the assistant to Ari Gold. I mean, the dude could be a real jerk if he wanted to be, so being the guy running around getting his coffee doesn’t sound like much fun to me. But Kid Cudi has been slowly working his way into film and TV, and this will mark another huge step for him. Read more at Uproxx.

[Photo via Scott Cunningham/Getty]

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