Family Guy Finale Sneak Peeks: Peter Joins a Country Club and Brian and Stewie Head to Vegas


Family Guy fans are getting a double dose of the show tonight with a one-hour season finale.

In the first episode, titled “Road to Vegas” (watch sneak peeks above), Stewie and Brian head off on one of their infamous road trips. This time they’re hitting up Las Vegas for a concert. But when they attempt to use Stewie’s new teleportation device to travel to Vegas it malfunctions and creates two alternate versions of the pair: a “lucky” version and an “unlucky” version.

The second episode, titled “No Country Club for Old Men” (watch sneak peeks below), features the Griffins getting invited to a country club when Carter gets kicked out of his. But will the Griffins end up kicked out as well?

Don’t miss the season finale of Family Guy tonight beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.




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