Why Seth McFarlane Killed Off Brian on Family Guy


Family Guy is an interesting show, huh? Some people think it is the funniest show ever made and sings its praises anytime they can. On the other hand, some people find it offensive just to be offensive. Like it or love it, seems everyone had something to say about Brian’s death on that show. Mostly, people wanted to know why. Why Seth McFarlane killed Brian on Family Guy. Thankfully, we finally have some answers. Keep in mind this is Seth McFarlane we are talking about, so this might not be the answer you wanted.

Seth recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to explain his decision to kill of the Griffin’s family pet. In reality, he did it for the same reasons people always pull stunts like that on shows. For ratings. And honestly, it worked. He also said he did it to remind the fans that anything can happen in the Griffin’s world, so never get too comfortable. He also expresses how was shocked and surprised at the out-pouring of love over Brian and rage over his death. He says he sometimes forgets the impact the show has on its fans, and for him, that was a huge reminder.

So to answer the question why Seth McFarlane killed Brian on Family Guy? He did it for ratings. That’s not cool. But hey, atleast they brought him back!

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