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I like to think we can be very topical around here at TVOvermind. What do I mean? Well, just yesterday we wrote an article about five shows we are really looking froward to, and FX’s Fargo show was on the list. From the actors involved to the greatness of the original film it mines, I just think FX’s Fargo has a great deal of potential. Well. guess what? To prove me right, they just released the first seven minutes of the first episode of FX’s Fargo, right now, on Yahoo. Watch it and let us know what you think.

My opinion on FX’s Fargo have only gotten better after watching that preview. Seems like they captured the irreverent feel and even the odd pacing of the dialogue from the film, which is the one thing I was scared about. I did not want the Fargo show to seem like a crappy impression of the Fargo movie. This doesn’t feel like that. This feels like a story that simply takes place in the same world and place that the film did, which makes it work in their favor. Of course, keep in mind, seven minutes is a very small window to pass judgement on, but I can say this. I like what I saw.

FX’s Fargo debuts on April 15th, and we will reserve all full judgement until then. We will say this. We like the tone of the show so far, and if the entire mini-series can keep up with the tone set in the first seven minutes, this show could be a real winner. More on Fargo in a few weeks, after its debut.

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