FOX Brings the Hammer Down, Cancels Dads, Surviving Jack and Enlisted


This ain’t pretty. Fox has just cancelled three out of its four new sitcoms this year, Dads, Surviving Jack and Enlisted.   The only one making it out alive is the highly acclaimed (but still relatively low-rated) Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Dads is no surprise. It’s episode order was cut midway through the season and was derided at release as one of the worst new shows on TV. Surviving Jack was a mixed bag, but military comedy Enlisted was critically acclaimed. If any show on the list may have just been “killed too soon,” it’s that one, sentenced to death in a Friday night time slot.

There are many, many new Fox comedies on the horizon, but it appears like they’re going to have to do some serious wheat-chaff separation. Even with low ratings, it’s no wonder they keep around fan favorites like New Girl and The Mindy Project.

What is it about NBC and FOX where they seem physically incapable of producing highly rated comedies these days, even if they’re good?  Granted it is the biased opinion of this writer that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best comedies we’ve seen in a very long time, that still doesn’t excuse the majority of these comedies being ratings killers.

[Photo via FOX]

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