Fox Shuffles Around Tuesday Nights: Glee, New Girl, Brooklyn, Mindy, Dads

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Who is in and who is out? Nearly everyone is moving around to some degree on Fox’s Tuesday nights, and its better news for some shows than others.

First off: Glee is now airing on Tuesdays at 8. It will be followed by New Girl at 9 (unchanged) and then Brooklyn Nine-Nine at 930. The result of this is The Mindy Project and Dads being shelved until midseason, as those shows are consistently outperformed by Brooklyn and New Girl, even though Fox’s ratings in general are down across the board.

Glee has recently hit a series low, and New Girl is now only pulling in a 1.7 in the key demo, but still better than Mindy’s 1.2. Dads got a full season pickup (as did Brooklyn) but ratings have not been good and there’s no telling when the show will come back. Mindy is expected to return with all its episodes intact, however, at some point.

Fox and NBC are both struggling pretty heavily when it comes to their low-rated comedy lineups. I may not hate popular comedies like Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory as much as many do, but are they five, six, seven times better than New Girl or Parks and Recreation? Absolutely not.

Hopefully this new lineup will be the shot in the arm Fox needs.

[Photo via Alexei Hay/FOX]

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  • Alex Maher

    Here’s hoping they don’t can Dads, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, and to slightly lesser extent The Mindy Project. But who knows… when NBC canceled Go On, I gave up on assuming good shows with decent ratings will make it through.