Fox Wants A League Of Extraordinary Gentleman TV Show


Oh man, Alan Moore must be rolling in his grave. Oh wait, he is alive still. Well, we bet this makes him wish he was dead. Okay, that is probably extreme, too, but come on, Moore hates when his work gets adapted, and with good reason, it is NEVER on point. And now, of ALL the Moore material to plumb the depths of for good TV, you are going with what ultimately ended up being the worst move adaptation of his work? Someone is going to be shot for this, right?

So as you can see from my ramblings so far, Fox has made a “put pilot” commitment on a League Of Extraordinary Gentleman television show. What a put pilot means is, they are intending to write and shoot a pilot for a TV series based off Moore’s amazing story about a group of great figures from the history of fiction getting together to take down bad guys. And put pilot also means, if they shoot it and don’t air it, they will be forced to pay a substantial penalty for that. So, in essence, it looks like we are getting a Fox version of The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. I will now tell you why this horrifies me.

Alan Moore’s work is VERY adult in thematic nature. Sex and death are just two things he likes to talking about, and often, likes to merge the two. A BIG reason the film failed so mercilessly was because all that edge was gone, replaced by a silly X-Men like team who joke and fight bad guys, but aren’t tormented by the demons they were in their original literature versions. Now we can only assume that the show will get even more watered down than the movie, and this has our toes curling with disapproval.

And if we are this mad about it, we would pay to be a fly on the wall at Moore’s house right now. He is probably conjuring some sort of fire demon to put an end to all this. What, you didn’t know he was a wizard? no, he is. Like, really.

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