Franklin & Bash 3.10 Review: “Gone in a Flash”


It is that time of the year again. F and B (Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar) have packed up their surfboards until next Summer.  Pindar (Kumail Nanjiani) has vowed not to leave the house until next year and Carmen (Dana Davis) is on vacation from her investigator duties. That’s right.  It is the season finale of Franklin & Bash.  As far as season finales are concerned, this one did not leave us guessing or leave any unanswered questions for 2014.

The question of whether Charlie had been canoodling with Rob Lowe was answered very early on in this episode entitled, “Gone in a Flash.”  While running on the beach, Bash confronts Charlie about her connection to Rob Lowe.  She asserts that she is good friends with his wife.  The question if Charlie really will leave Peter is also answered when she departs his house in the middle of the night to catch a flight.  She refused to say good-bye, so we may get a chance to see her next season.

The main storyline of the episode finds Pindar being sued by Rob Lowe for flying the drone in the celebrity’s yard.  Lowe’s legal team believes Pindar was using the drone to obtain footage of him, which is illegal.  F and B are defending Pindar and declare that he was using the drone to find a lost package.  In addition, Pindar files a counter claim requesting the drone be returned.  The judge orders Pindar to turn over the pictures to prove his innocence.

Once the judge views the pictures, he confirms Pindar is innocent and the case is dropped.  Since this is only roughly halfway through the episode, it shouldn’t be surprising that something else is about to happen.  While the gang is celebrating at the beach house, there is a knock on the door.  An Insurance Adjustor has reopened the case of the fire at F and B’s house due to the images caught on the drone.  The pictures are leading investigators to believe that Pindar was the culprit behind burning the home down.

It doesn’t look good for Pindar.  Over the last few weeks, F and B had been making casual jokes poking fun at the fact that Pindar started the fire.  During her investigative work, Carmen uncovered information proving Pindar stole explosives with the potential of starting a fire when he was younger.  In order to win the case, F and B uncover some video footage of the Insurance Adjustor obtaining an autograph from Rob Lowe.  He was the last actor from St. Elmo’s Fire he needed in order to have a complete set.  The Adjustor was using the case to exploit a celebrity.  The case is dropped and everyone is happy again… well not everyone.

Damien (Reed Diamond) is all smiles at the start of the episode when he discovers there is another open seat on the judge’s bench and is getting an interview.  Rachel (Heather Locklear) acts on her attraction to Damien and the two go at it right on her desk.  We later find out that Rachel is the one that is trying to ruin Damien’s reputation with the judge’s because she is also trying to win the vacant seat on the bench.  During a drunken stupor at a Summer Associate’s dinner, Damien calls Rachel out.  She said she needs to keep her options open if things don’t pan out at Infeld, Daniels, King.  Does this mean she won’t be back next season?  Neither her nor Damien get the job, so we will see.

All in all, this was a pretty mediocre season of Franklin & Bash.  However, a mediocre season of this show is still better than about half of the crud that is currently on TV.  Here are my top three hopes for next season:

  1. Heather Locklear needs more screen time.  We know Locklear can play bad, so why not showcase those talents.
  2. Pindar and Carmen should be included in every episode.  Only seeing each for half a season leaves out the chance for strong character development.
  3. F and B need to play the field more.  Peter spent the entire season pining over Charlie while Jared was hooking up with Ellen.  The frat-guy personalities of the main characters are what make this show work.

Now that the show is over, get off your couch and enjoy the rest of your Summer!

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