Fringe to Continue Even if Cancelled

Fringe comic bookFor most Fringe Fans, (myself included) it has been a nerve-racking couple of months as Fox’s critically acclaimed mind-bending drama has seen a steady decrease in ratings. The dismal numbers lead many to assume that cancellation will be the likely outcome as Fringe‘s last new episode to air barely broke 3 million viewers. (You can check those numbers here!) To ease some of the sting, executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H Wyman have promised that, in the event of cancellation, the story will continue, just not in the way that you would expect. Like the previously announced Smallville comic, Fringe would do something similar where the show would continue in comic book form.

Speaking at Wondercon 2012, Pinkner had this to say about the comic, “It would be really elaborate and we would go to town on it and make sure that everything you needed to understand about the show would be in that and pay off that way. That’s our back up plan.”

Although it would be unfortunate to no longer have the Fringe team grace our television screens, a comic book is an interesting angle to take. Die hard Fringe fans might recall this would not be the Fringe team’s first comic book appearance as Joshua Jackson (The Boy Who Lived/Peter Bishop) also made his comic book debut by writing the three part series “Beyond the Fringe.”

What do you think Fringe fans? Would you read the comic continuation if the worst were to happen?

Fringe returns this Friday.

Source: Zap2it

  • PBMom

    Absolutely. Jericho continued in comic form with the original writers and based on the characters we grew to love. I would definitely buy a comic if it gets cancelled.

  • @sjbowron

    I would certainly be all for a comic book but I sincerely hope Jackson doesn't write it.. The mini-series was mediocre at best. That may have been down to its microscopic length too, though..

  • Nicholas

    A comic book would pale in comparison to a proper fifth season. I'd buy it, but it wouldn't be the same without the performances of the actors and the direction and the music and cinematography that all make Fringe Fringe. Last I heard, the odds of renewal were 70/30. Let's get a fifth season confirmation and stop having to worry about comic book finales already!

  • Review

    Fringe for me is mostly about the characters and the actors who portray them especially Anna Torv and John Noble.
    Not interested in the comics, dd not like what they did so far, and Josh Jackson gets far to much credit as a socalled writer, id he invent Fringe or the characters or the storylines? He said that Pinkner and Wyman gave hij the material , so what did he write?
    Anna and John do alot of pitching about their characters, only they do not have a special WB contract.
    And Olivia has already been turned in to Peters gril and how he wants her to be since Firefly season 3, in the drawings she has been made to look like a bimbo on top of that.

  • marianne ferro

    please dont cancel

  • Mary

    Don't cancel it!!! But the idea that it will continue, even as a comic, is comforting.

  • Peter Bishop

    comics? screw u am not a kid I want a fifth season I DEMAND IT…or dont bother it wouldnt be the first time u ruined something good…. you disgust me

  • Myka Bering Wells

    They have ruined Fringe so much that I'm not going to miss it when it's gone. Should have just let Peter stay gone, this is what happens when you make the two main characters love interests. This is what happens when you get too many story lines going at once. The first two seasons of Fringe were AWESOME, go back to that and they might save it. Stay the course and I will turn it off even if it doesn't get canceled. A comic series *yawn*

  • Bletsu Fatsamatta

    It's bad enough we have to be stuck with dreck like MISSING, which is missing a plot and interesting characters and bad facial fillers. OK, the major arc of the Fringe story leads you to believe the two universes may eventually merge, which is no worse a copout than "LOST"'s resolution, let's all be dead happily ever after. (BARF!)

    About Fringe comic books: DUMB. Why don't they publish script summaries on post it notes and just let you paste plotlines on your refrigerator?

    The height of dumb. Dumbosity. Renew the series get to a hundred episodes and capitalize on the franchise.

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