A New Full House is Coming Starring DJ and Stephanie Tanner


First Girl Meets World, now this? 90s comfort TV lives again, it seems, and the latest show to come back to life is none other than…a new Full House! Yes, I can hardly believe it, but it is coming, at least in pilot form.

“Last month I was asked by ABC and [Warner Bros.] to write a new show for the Full House characters,” says creator Jeff Franklin. “Everyone I’ve spoken with were very open to the idea [of returning].”

The forthcoming show would star DJ and Stephanie Tanner, and the original actresses, Candice Bure and Jodie Sweetin would reprise their roles at the ages of 37 and 31 respective. Sweetin also looks like this these days, so there’s that.

As for “everyone else returning,” I’m not who all that means Franklin has talked to. Presumably Bob Saget and Dave Coulier could return, and John Stamos only gets hotter with age somehow. I’m less sure if the show would be able to snag either Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen to return for the show as Michelle Tanner, as they’ve always seemed pretty desperate to leave Full House behind, and are rarely in the public eye. Interestingly enough, their sister Elizabeth is becoming a pretty big movie star, and has just scored a role in The Avengers 2.

Would this actually land on ABC, or somewhere like ABC Family? I think a primetime audience would return to see how Full House evolved, and I also wonder if it would be a laugh track sitcom like its predecessor. ABC has mostly moved away from those, as that’s CBS territory right now.

What do you think about this news? Excited? Scared? Indifferent?  Image via

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  • Alicia

    Im excited, I loved this show as a kid, and still occasionally watch it when its on.

  • Melissa McNabb

    That would be so awesome! I know back in those days we made fun of those TV sitcoms but in comparison to what is on TV these days I think the older shows could make a real come back. At least they were good wholesome family television unlike the sleazy trashy shows that are out there today.

    • Pam Warren

      I have a feeling it wouldn’t be a wholesome as the orginial….

  • Emily Mae Frazier Sandlin

    why would she denounce him? Oh because he is a Christian and speaks what Christians should be like and do? Well Yeah that is a great thing! I love listening to him and am in total agreement with him! Go kirk!

  • Laurie

    I would LOVE this! I would love to be able to sit with my daughter as she grows up and watch a show that I used to watch when I was growing up and have it be current! Right now she is loving Gem, but that isn’t running anymore…

  • Laurie

    where did you see Candace Barker?

    • Amanda Riendeau

      They changed it now. And apparently this is a rumour, there will not be a new show.

      • Nathaniel79

        Yeah there’s a new post about it on this site. Shame. It was a fun rumor while it lasted.

  • Gord Bestwick

    I’m only watching if Andrea Barber returns as Kimmy. She was (by far) and still is my all time favorite TV neighbor.

    • Kevin Boston

      Ug, really? She should go down in history as most annoying (and dim-witted)sidekick character in history. Or at least a contender. These characters tend to make shows jump the shark. Remember the ostrich episode? Remember the character Buddy from Charles in Charge? I know there are plenty more examples.. Many shows use this character to one degree or another, and it’s overplayed. I guess I just don’t like the presentation of annoying, stupid neighbor. Maybe it hits too close to home.

      • Gord Bestwick

        I find these characters endearing.
        If you dig into the backstory of these supporting characters usually they have the most interesting, and quite often dark set of problems which has shaped them.
        From a comic standpoint, if you don’t have these characters who provide contrast you will end up in a horrid sea of beige.
        (And honestly, Andrea Barber is the cutest of the whole girl cast!)

      • RC

        Without those characters, those shows would be BORING!

    • Jay Red

      what about steven Q Urkel?

      • Kevin Boston

        Another annoyance. While it was funny the first few seasons, the show became him. And it became stale, and predictable. Maybe it falls to the writers…? You know who was funny? Barney Fife. The Andy Griffith show and Mayberry RFD did not make it after Barney. Goober and Gomer and Floyd weren’t making it, either. Those characters have to have a level of ‘it’ not possessed by just anyone.

  • Lynn Mendelsohn

    Beyond excited since I was a HUGE Stephanie fan! I even met her at Rockaway Mall back in the day lol…this sounds great!

  • Isaac Carnes

    im anxious to see how this works out…it could either work out great or tank like the knight rider reboot…

    • Isaac Carnes

      also, supreme coincidence that im watching full house as i read this…

  • Jennifer Andrews

    I will definitely watch this! Can’t wait!! I hope they go through with it!

  • babygirl

    i’m excited about it, I would love to watch Full house again
    as a kid this was my absolute favorite Tv show :)

  • Frank Clark

    Only if Mary Kate and Ashley come back, but as twins. You know it could turn out that Mrs. Tanner had a “secret” and put one of the girls up for adoption or something. So then you have the whole parent trap story line…

    • Dust

      They did a storyline to explain the twin already. There is an episode called Greek Week. Jesse’s grandparents from Greece bring a girl named Melina, a second cousin who looks exactly like Michelle.

  • Amanda Sheputis

    Love it – that was my favorite show!!!

  • DisneyBlu DizRadio

    I am all for it. I interviewed Jodi Sweetin on my show a few months ago and I know she would fit right back into the role.

    I am excited.

  • Audrey Rhoades

    Excited! Totally will watch this!!!! I grew up with Full House :-)

  • Yo-Yo

    I’d at least watch the pilot. Whether or not I keep watching would be up to how good the pilot is.

  • Merrion Tower

    I LOVE IT!! We always watch the reruns..and would most definately watch an “updated” version of our favorite TV family!

  • Mark Pompeo

    Eh, I think Full House is one best left in the past.

  • Sarah

    I’d totally watch this. I loved Full House growing up, and I still love watching reruns now. :D

  • Rob Abbas

    maybe we should take time and watch tv with our family more instead of parents with their eyes glued to smart phones (dont own one) I remember TGIF shows they were all pretty good and remember mom popping popcorn (that we grew) all About FAMILY

    • Jacob

      I like how you threw in the fact that you don’t own a smart phone as if it somehow makes you better than anyone else who does own one. yet, somehow advocate keeping your eyes glued to the TV as if thats any better.

      • Rob Abbas

        nah i dont watch much tv use to when it was good and no where in my statement did i say i was better then anyone else but thanks for your opinion

  • TheSuperCollider

    There’s enough garbage on tv as it is. They’re only trying to capitalize on the names involved. They’re not concerned about writing a good show. Leave this show where it is, in the past.

  • Michelle Gorman

    I would love to have full house back, it is still one of my fav shows at 24!!!!

  • RC

    I would love to see this!!!!

  • Mir

    so excited!!!!!

  • Thomas OBoyle Jr

    I think TV should get back to shows like this……… it was the best time in TV in my opinion!!

  • Karen Whalen

    i’d give it a try! the original show was really cute! my girls love watching the old repeats so i’m sure they’d love the new version!

  • layla

    This has me and my sister so excited please do it! Last year I bought the complete series of full house and watch an episode every night. My life is revolved around full house because my sister loves full house and Michelle. My middle name was named after her. And grew up loving the show now at my wedding we will have the song Jesse sings Rebecca at their wedding. You would have so many viewers! I know it for a fact.

  • Rachel

    Excited!!!!! This has always been my favorite show! I watch it everyday and always have! <3 full house

  • Mysterwright

    I think its great! Except for the death of Mr. Woodchuck by Dave Coulier’s dog and Mrs. Caruthers (RIP) the entire cast is still there. The entire cast has chemistry. And heat. They riff off each other making jokes. Every episode was a happening. Like they were legitimately laughing at each other almost unable to say their lines. You could tell at least a couple of times the guys had to bite their lip. Lori Loughlin often laughed before John Stamos or someone finished what he was saying. And those are just the takes they could use. Imagine what filming must’ve been like? The warm and fuzzies are there. Like a real, honest-to-god family reunion.

  • kiramea

    I didn’t watch it the first time around. I seriously doubt I will watch it now.

  • Shaleena

    :) It’s a hoax. It was an April’s Fools joke.

  • Nic

    I’m so down for this. I wouldn’t even mind if the twins didn’t come back; Michelle is replaceable. Having DJ and Jesse back would be amazing though.

  • Sara

    I actually think it would be a great idea for a return show I cant wait to see what Kimmy would look like and if she got more intelligent. I think the Olsen twins would also be a great reprise just to see how they have grown up and also to see if any of the girls got married and had a family.

  • Shannon Grace Mcneece

    I would get cable just to watch this show

  • superwolfkin

    I’m confused by that picture is Jodie Sweetin hot or not?

  • Suzanne Adey