You Absolutely Missed the Monty Python Easter Egg in Game of Thrones This Season


Game of Thrones has always had tangential connections to Monty Python. The pilot was actually shot in the same castle in which The Holy Grail was filmed, but now there’s a more purposeful homage.

Unless you speak Valyrian, chances are you didn’t catch the inside joke from this season. GOT linguist David Peterson who created both Valyrian and Dothraki for the show explained the joke that went over all of our heads:

‘One of the biggest is from episode three this season,’ he explained. ‘There’s a scene where the Meereenese rider is challenging Daenerys’ champion. He’s shouting and Nathalie Emmanuel [Missandei] is translating – but she’s not translating what he’s saying. He’s actually saying a Low Valyrian translation of the French guy’s insults in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That was [creator] Dan Weiss’s idea and it was so hilarious that I had to do it.’

You will remember the scene in question, as it’s the one where the taunting rider’s horse gets a knife thrown through him, and then he’s promptly beheaded by Daario trying to curry favor with Daenerys.

That’s a pretty hilarious joke, even if it had to be explained after the fact because I’m guessing even the most die-hard of Game of Thrones fans aren’t fluent enough in Valyrian to translate the original taunts. I wonder what other jokes they’re going to be hiding throughout the episodes to come. Have you spotted any more to date? None are coming to mind for me, but I suppose I’ll have to go back and watch 40 episodes again to double check.

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