Bri and Pod from Game of Thrones Get Perfect Strangers Sitcom Mashup


Do you kids remember the show Perfect Strangers? It was a show about two cousins who could not have been less alike living together and getting in all sorts of zany adventures and such. Well, some genius figured out Brienne and Podrick from Game of Thrones would fit into those two roles quite well (in their own ways) and decided to mash their antics up with that classic 90’s show. Though you have to be a little older to remember it, this is gold. Just trust me.

As cool as this is, makes me think this with Arya and The Hound would be a cool mix, too. Either way, these two are pretty mismatched, yet there is something awesome about them. Alright, here it is. The Game of Thrones Perfect Strangers mashup no one asked for but is getting anyway.

Seeing something like this sorta rattles my brain. It is mixing two things that no one would ever think of, yet it works magically. Seriously, I watch the heck out of this show. Oh wait, I already do. It just doesn’t have that cherry intro and has a bunch of death and murder in between.

Seriously, though, who ever makes these? Genius. Pure genius.

[Photo via HBO]

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