Emilia Clarke’s Birthday (and Why She Is The Greatest Female Character on TV)

Ah, Emilia Clarke. How do I love thee, let me count the ways? Strong, driven, brilliant, and beautiful, you have cast your spell over pretty much all the world with your role as Khaleesi on Game of Thrones. I read that today was your birthday (and have also been told it may have been yesterday, but I will ignore that and continue) and we wanted to send you along a very happy birthday message. Also, wanted to take a minute to explain why Khaleesi is the best female character on TV right now.

First off, happy birthday (late or not) Emilia Clarke. May this year be filled with dragon wishes and caviar dreams. Thank you for bringing such an amazing character from fiction to life. Now, onto why Khaleesi is the best female character on TV right now. First off all, would anyone actually argue that point? Name one show where there is a more aggressive, strong, and insightful female character? Scandal, nope. She lacks dragons. The Mom on Sons of Anarchy? Nah, she makes too many rash decisions.

But Khaleesi? Have you seen how she is amassing her army on Game of Thrones? She expertly uses dragons, smiles, and even other men to do her bidding. While everyone around the seven kingdoms is getting ready for small scale battles, Khaleesi is building an unstoppable army who see her as their savior. On top of that, she has dragons. To finalize why I think she is the best female character on TV, she doesn’t need to use her womanly charms. Granted, early on, she did, but those times have passed. She conquers lands fully clothed, using her mind and what she has available to her.

In our world, most female characters are written as wives and girlfriends. Yet on Game of Thrones, they have the real power. Yet no other female on the show can touch Khaleesi. I think we will see this at some point, when she is (rightfully) ruling over the seven kingdoms.

Heck, I would bow before her in  second!

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