As Expected, Game of Thrones Season Four Breaks Ratings Records

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HBO may have originally thought that Game of Thrones would find limited appeal among fantasy nerds, but the show has become a worldwide phenomenon with the fourth season breaking records left and right all year long. Now that the season has ended, we can take a look at some of the more impressive statistics via Deadline.

The finale drew 7.1M in its 9PM timeslot, up 32% from the 5.4M who watched the season three finale last year. Between its two airings, the finale got 9.3 million views. As a whole, Season 4 averaged 18.4 million viewers over the course of the week including DVR replays and HBO Go viewings. That’s up 29% from season three, and it broke The Sopranos record as well, making it the most watched series in HBO’s history.

The show has already been renewed for a fifth AND sixth season, which is unusual in the industry but no surprise for HBO, as they’ll clearly see the show through to the end, whenever that might be. The show now faces an issue where it’s catching up to George RR Martin’s books, which could produce some conflict in the coming seasons. There’s no word on exactly how the next two seasons will be handled.

Game of Thrones is an incredible success story both for HBO but fantasy in general. It’s hard to believe a show that seemed to be this niche went on to achieve this kind of pop culture status, and it’s now approaching Star Wars/Harry Potter/LOTR levels of immortality. That’s truly incredible, and well-deserved.

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