Has Game of Thrones Gone Too High Fantasy This Season?

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I need to start this off with a disclaimer. Game of Thrones is awesome, and I like this season and the elements of it. That being said, I grew up liking fantasy and dragons, so it makes sense. But I know some people who liked Game of Thrones (the show) because it was fantasy that avoided most high fantasy elements (like magic, wizards, giants, monsters). But season four has already shown us Frost giants (who you can fight in Skyrim, by the way), one random Woolly Mammoth who ran off when his butt caught fire, and now, ice zombies. Add this to the dragons and little girls casting spells and you have, well, high fantasy. Will that tone change keep the fantasy haters watching?

See, for many, Game of Thrones was really not a show about anything but politics. Family politics, relationship politics, and warring politics. There were dragons, yes. But they were mostly shoved off to the side and not focused too much on. But this season, things have certainly changed. Many magical beasts have made variations, and I know of fans of the show who would are not fans of such things. So this begs the question I ask in the title? Has Game of Thrones gone TOO high fantasy this season?

Heck no, what is wrong with you?

Game of Thrones IS fantasy. It is how the books have been sold up to this point, and it is how it has been billed. If there are people who think those elements are lame, I would be bold enough to say I don’t think they will sway them from the show too much. The show is just too good to let a couple ice zombies and spell casting little girls throw you off. Oh, and if it does, we never wanted you  on board as a fan, anyway.

You were just a tourist.

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