Game Of Thrones Stars Say Which Character They Wish They Played

Man, the Game of Thrones stars have it made, huh? They are on one of the most famous and beloved shows of all time, and it looks like the show will be running for at least another four years, if not more. So if you could be on Game of Thrones, which character would you want to play? I have asked this question of many friends, and gotten many different answers. I, for one, would choose Littlefinger. That man has been so integral in twisting the minds and hands of everyone he interacts with, I just think he would be a fun (and sly) character to play. I would say Tyrion, but no one can touch with Peter Dinklage does with that role. But what about the Game of Thrones stars? Who would they want to play? Well, Variety asked the actual actors who they would like to play, and we bet some of these answers will surprise you.

Believe it or not, in cases of shows like this, the actors of actresses sometimes go in for different parts, but end up as whoever the casting director sees them a better fit for. So maybe a few of these wishes are actually confessions. Either way, the video is good fun, and shows you they are not only stars of the show, but fans of the material.

So which Game of Thrones star surprised you most with their answer? You got a lot of Tyrion, and a lot of Joffrey. I think that pretty much says it all.

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