George R.R Martin Joins Twitter

george rr martin

Game of Thrones is an awesome show. We all know this. My next article published after this will talk more about that, exponentially. This mean, by default, we all love George R. R. Martin, too, because he gives us that world. But me thinks he may be playing around in that made-up world a little too much, as he just joined Twitter and tweeted something that seems, well, hilariously out of touch. Read on and see for yourself.

First off, you can follow him here. I suggest you do that, as he is pretty much the man right now because of the popularity of his series. Thing is, his first tweet sorta sums up what age he is living in. It is kind of cute and innocent, but way out of touch.

“I don’t tweet all that much, please check out my live journal page. ;)

So let’s talk about all that is wrong here, shall we? One, he has a winking emoticon. The guy who kills people at weddings has a winking emoticon. Next up, he gets on Twitter to ask people to check out his live journal page. If ANYONE else on Earth did this, they would be laughed off the planet right now. But George R. R. Martin does it, and we laugh. Why? Because if he gives us stuff as cool as Game of Thrones, we can allow him to be that out of touch in other areas. You can’t always be golden.

Just ask Pony Boy.

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