George R.R Martin Posts Excerpts From The Winds of Winter


So everyone has been on George R. R. Martin’s case, implying that he will not be able to produce Game of Thrones books as fast as HBO can produce Game of Thrones seasons. I, for one, think this to be true. Martin may not have realized what he was signing up for when agreeing to all of this, and if the muse is not hitting him and he has to force it, we may suffer from a drop off in the quality of the material, which is a fail for everyone. Well, good news. Seems Martin just posted an excerpt from his Winds of Winter book on his site.

Well, let’s not go celebrating too early here. There are a couple things about this Winds of Winter thing that seem a little off to me. First thing, what is with the date on the top of the blog. That is either clearly wrong, or he had this done quite some time ago and is just sharing now. Next up, do you think it bodes well that there is a typo in the first paragraph. “The great pack at her hells.” No, no. We think you mean “on her heels.” I love Game of Thrones and think Martin is a genius, but I would be lying to say this didn’t feel a little rushed to me.

Perhaps he produced it to shut HBO (and all of us) up. But to me, it just feels like it is meant to quell us, yet the quality of it and the questions it raises does nothing to actually quell us. It just makes us ask more questions…

[Photo via Neil Davidson/HBO]

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