George R.R Martin Races HBO To Get More Books Finished For Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones, the show, is steadily catching up to the book series it’s based on. Rumors are that HBO is constantly reminding George R.R Martin that he NEEDS to have new material ready on the regular, or else they are going to reach an impasse. When Martin started the series, his work would come out faster. Last two books in the series have taken much longer (no doubt due to his fame and popularity now keeping him ever busy in the press). The irony being, HBO could reach the ending before the actual series does. What would they do then?

There is a rather lengthy article in this month’s Vanity Fair about just that, and that time between books as well as the need for new material is addressed. George R.R. Martin swears up and down that he is on top of it, that the series will not fall behind. Yet, if you look at the time between his last two books, you have to wonder. Will he be able to churn out the same quality material, or will the pressure of time force him into a corner, giving us all an ending that does not tie things together as well as we would like?

It is about four years too early to make that assumption, but I can tell you this, George needs to step away from the book signings and TV show appearances and just focus on giving us (and everyone in Westeros) the best story he can. This Game of Thrones is not to be played lightly.

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