George R. R. Martin Does Something Unusual


kay, so I if I told you George R. R. Martin killed off an awesome character in a brutal way, you would not be shocked. If I told you he is having trouble with his next book, it would be news you already know. I could even tell you he may want to work the show into a movie, and you would know that. But I can promise you what I am about to tell you will shock you. It might just be the last thing you expect from this guy.

He threw out a first pitch in a baseball game. Now keep in mind, there are a couple things you need to know about this beforehand. One, I didn’t think the guy left the house. That is more on me than you guys. Next up, he looks skinnier than I imagined. I know that sounds like I am being mean, but I think the guy has shed a few LB’s (which bodes well for the books getting finished). Finally, it goes about as awkward as you imagine it would.

I just have one question, really? Why did they not pan back and show us the actual pitch. The showed him, his stance, but not how the actual pitch looked. Judging by the way he reacted, I don’t think the pitch went that well. Either way, who saw that moment coming. That was even more of a plot twist then the moment in this season which we find out…..

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