HBO’s Game of Thrones Mixtape Is Out

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Well, HBO’s Game of Thrones mixtape is out. I also feel the need to say that feels like one of the weirdest things I have typed in quite some time. HBO’s Game of Thrones mixtape. There, I typed in again to make sure, and it still felt pretty weird. We told you earlier in the week that HBO was having some rappers make a mixtape and do some live rapping in NYC to help promote the next season of this epic show. Heck, I even challenged Wale to a freestyle contest about Thrones, as I am a master MC as well. I haven’t heard back from him, but in hearing some of this CD, and I am kinda hoping he never hits me back, because I would be decimated, and it would be own fault. Sure, this is silly. But you know what else it is? Kind of cool.

The craziest part is HBO’s Game of Thrones mixtape actually has some decent rappers on it. Like Big Boi from Outkast, for example. Common even has a sung up in there. I mean, who could have seen this coming? Rappers being paid to rap about an HBO show that deals with fantasy and politics? I have been writing for a long time, and even I could not have predicted this.

If you feel brave enough to give the actual mixtape a listen, head on over to Uproxx. They’ll hook you up. Just tell them a Lannsiter sent you. I will begrudgingly admit this. Hearing raps about Game of Thrones beats the stuff you usually hear raps about. At least no one is bragging about how many cars they own in these songs.

Just saying.

I actually sent a rap HBO rejected to them on Twitter, so follow me and check that out. I can’t link it here because it is, well, a bit racy. But dang, I tried.

[Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO]

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