Why I Hope David Morrisey Ends Up On Game Of Thrones


You may not think you know the name, but you do. David Morrisey  is the British actor who brought the Governor to life on last season’s great Walking Dead arc. Now I want you to imagine everything about him, from the way he speaks to the way he looks, and place it in the Game of Thrones world. Bam, do you see what I see? A perfect fit. He has that nasty snarl, and a very calm demeanor you can tell is hiding something far more nefarious. So can someone please pick him up and place him in Westeros, where he belongs?

I first took note of David Morrisey in a 2010 Neil Marshall film called Centurion. Morrisey played a, well, centurion, but that movie felt very much like a Game of Thrones test run. This fact was further proven by the fact that Neil Marshall went on to direct some of the best episodes of the show (like the season two finale), which makes me think the chances of David Morrisey ending up on GOT feels quite high to me. But who could he play? Oh, come on? This book has so many characters, families, and factions, he could play anyone, as long as they leaned toward “bad guy” status. He just carries himself with the kind of demeanor that makes you feel like people are on egg shells when they are around him. A disposition like that would translate really well to Game of Thrones.

So there you have it. That is why I hope David Morrisey ends up on Game of Thrones. I would say my chances are pretty good, actually.

[Photo via Stuart C. Wilson/Stringer]

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