King Joffrey Mocked By Other Game of Thrones Cast Members

Remy Carreiro December 13, 2013 0

I cannot help but feel like Game of Thrones is more than just a show. Anytime I watch it, I walk away from it feeling like it was more of an experience than anything else. I feel like a big part of that experience is hating King Joffrey. A character so spiteful, I make faces when I sit and watch him. I squirm in my seat, afraid to see what he may do next. Well, good news for you Joffrey haters out there (which is to say, all of you). Some footage has been released of King Joffrey mocked by other Game of Thrones cast members. Yes, it will be the best thing you see all day.

I think we should start with Hodor, a man who normally says so little, see above.

Can we take a moment to talk about how perfect that is? People who don’t watch Game of Thrones will not get why that clip is so great. That, to me, makes it even greater. It’s just Hodor being Hodor.

Next up we have Arya Stark:

Yeah, she pretty much nailed it. There is one more video from The Hound, but he is a wee bit too descriptive, so we will let you check that out on Uproxx.

So if you are wondering why King Joffrey is being mocked by everyone, the reason is insane. HBO is trying to do a roast of King Joffrey on Twitter. No, I am not kidding.

There is only one rational way to respond to that.