Did You Know George R.R. Martin Wrote The Old Beauty and the Beast Show?

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Do you guys remember the old Beauty and the Beast show from the 80’s? The one that had the chick from the Terminator and Hellboy, chilling in a castle? The show was really cheesy, but women ate it up. For that reason, it stayed on the air for quite some time and was pretty popular. Well, I had no idea that George R. R. Martin ( who created Game of Thrones) wrote for that show. I am writing this because I am assuming if I didn’t know, than some of you didn’t know, either.

Rolling Stone has an insanely in depth interview with George R.R. Martin this month, which is where I learned this fact. He talks about all the fallout over the Red Wedding, people reacting to the Purple Wedding, and what he has planned for his next book, the Lavender Wedding. Sorry, I made that up and it was pretty lame. Seriously, though. The dude loves symbolically named colored weddings. Sorry, I get side tracked easy.

So when he talks about Beauty and the Beast, he talks about how he wanted the beast to be a, well, beast. The point with beast, he says, is that he kills people. He is a beast who is tamed by love. But the networks would have nothing to do with an evil beast, so he was always getting into arguments about it, and would always lose. The end result was a lot of scenes of beast pushing people really hard. Then they would get scared and run away. That was about as violent as they could make beast.

So now, maybe, all the slaughtering and violence and degradation from Game of Thrones makes sense. It was all repressed from his days writing for network TV.

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