Movie Exec Wants You To Watch Game of Thrones in Theaters

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Do you love sitting down every week and watching Game of Thrones with your friends and family in front of your TV? Well, how would you like paying for a ticket to go see it in theaters instead?

That’s an idea being tossed around by one movie theater executive, Cinemark president Tim Warner, speaking to Variety.

“They build up this huge fan base and there’s nowhere for the fan base to go,” Warner said. “‘Game of Thrones’ on the big screen would be so exciting. It’s not that you can’t go to the bar and watch this stuff, but you can’t have that premium experience. They’re going to have break down that barrier within the studios, so that all the content providers take a look at whatever content they’re doing and say, ‘Should this be going into this platform?’” Warner said.

“They’ve got to think of the theatrical platform as the largest pay-per-view platform in the world,” he added.

The idea is an interesting one, as it could allow non-subscribers to watch the show legally, and could have paying customers experience it on the big screen. HBO could maybe at least partially subsidize tickets for subscribers, but they could rake in a ton of cash from ticket sales. Even at a discounted price of say, $5 an episode, it could be a lot of cash.

What do you think? Cool idea, or a waste of effort and money on the part of the consumer?

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  • Kyle Nolan

    This is a step in the wrong direction. I would like to avoid the theater-going experience all together. I’ve never understood why someone would prefer to see something in the theater–with it’s over-priced food, noisy/inconsiderate viewers, and having to drive/get there early–over just watching in the comfort of their own home! The only reason I would see something in the theater would be to avoid seeing spoilers before I get a chance to see it.

    I yearn for the day when they release films day-and-date on 3D Blu-ray for me to watch at home instead of having to go to the theater. I would much rather spend my money towards owning the thing I’m watching than waste it on over-priced theater tickets.

    When I saw the news about Ghostbusters being released back in theaters I was baffled–you can already buy it on Blu-ray, so why would someone want to pay twice as much to see it once in an uncomfortable movie theater setting?!

    So to answer your original question, no, I would see Game of Thrones in a theater–I’d rather watch in the comfort of my own home on Sunday night instead of driving to a theater and paying extra to see it with inconsiderate movie-goers.