Peter Dinklage Best Sums Up Game of Thrones

peter dinklage

Game of Thrones is many things to many people. I suppose to try to summarize it in as little words as possible would not be an easy task, as it is such a multi-layered story. It deals with everything from the fragility of family conflict to the madness of politics. But one of its starts has done a rather astute job of summing it up. None other than Peter Dinklage, who plays the ever-awesome Tyrion Lannister. So how does he do it? In typical Tyrion fashion, I will admit.

So if you had to sum up Game of Thrones as quickly and with as few words as possible, how would you do it? Seems kind of daunting considering just how much material there would be to cover. But being the brilliant man he is, Peter Dinklage manages to actually pull it off. While I would love to show you, you will have to dip over here to check it out, as it has a few key phrases we try to leave off our site for the sake of family readers of all ages. You watch that and you realize why he plays Tyrion, and plays him so well. He just kind of “gets it”.

As I am sure many of you know, the tables have turned for Tyrion in the last few weeks on Thrones, and I am really excited (and a bit nervous) to see how this all plays out in the coming weeks.

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