Rappers and Game of Thrones: Weirdest Combo Ever

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Sit right down, I got something to say. It just might seem insane, okay? A new method of promotion from HBO. Using rappers to help pitch Game of Thrones. I would say that I think the idea is dumb. But to a rhyming scheme, I have already succumb. So sit in your throne and lean way back, I will now tell you about the Game of Thrones rap.

That was much tougher than it seemed. I hope this gets a “like.” That effort deserves a “like.” Just be happy I didn’t do the whole article that way. That would have taken me two days.

So as reported in the Wall Street Journal, HBO is recruiting rappers to rap about Game of Thrones to help the show reach a wider audience base. Yup, rappers and Game of Thrones. Two things we never thought we would say side by side. Wait, they need a wider audience base for Game of Thrones? Every single person I know watches that show? Wanting to reach an even WIDER base totally feels like a Lannister move to me. All kidding (and my awful rapping aside), this idea may seem insane, but I can admit that it is rather brilliant. The rapper’s name is Wale, and HBO had him in Times Square, dropping raps about Khaleesi. No, I am not even kidding. If you are wondering whether the trick worked, we are sitting here, talking about it, aren’t we? That in itself should speak volumes as to whether it worked or not.

Truth for a second, though. My intro rap to this piece is better than the stuff he was spitting that day. Yup, I just called out Wale to a Game of Thrones rap battle against me. Man, this day is turning out awesome.

[Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO]

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  • Remy Carreiro

    Remy, this article is pure gold.

  • Guest

    Thanks, Remy!

  • JStew

    it’s crazy the lengths these people will go to broaden their audiences… Wale has no business rapping about Danyrus(sp?) Actually a rapper rapping about a pretty white girl? OK I stand Corrected