The REAL Ending To Tyrion’s Speech From Sunday’s Game of Thrones


As I am sure many of you saw, this past Sunday’s Game of Thrones led to one of Tyrion Lannister’s best speeches yet. It was short, it was abrupt, but it was scathing and as brilliant as anything the character has said up to this point. As if Peter Dinklage could get any cooler (he can’t, he is the man). But I bet many of you didn’t know it had a different ending, initially. Though the real ending lifts the energy in the room a bit, we are glad they went with the ending they went with.

First off, keep in mind, this scene has MAJOR SPOILERS for this past episode of Game of Thrones, so if you have not seen it yet, I would avert your eyes. Second, this is obviously not the actual ending from the episode, as I was simply pulling your leg. It is quite funny, though, and we think fans of GOT will appreciate it. Here, for your consideration, Tyrion’s speech from Sunday night, with a nice new twist:

Though that clearly cuts some of the tension in the room that has boiled over up to that point, it seems to undermine the power of everything that came before it. Just kidding. It is hilarious, and I am glad there are nerdy fans out there who feel compelled to do stuff like this.

Also, no disrespect meant to Peter Dinklage at all. He is the best thing about TV right now, and if Game of Thrones kills him off next week, I will avenge his death. That is my promise to the seven kingdoms.

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